San Antonio Ghost Tours

Why People Are Raving About Bad Wolf:

  • Free Souvenier Pins
  • Creepy Music During Walks
  • Ghost Hunting Equipment
  • Haunted Happy Hour
  • Theatrically Trained Tour Guides
  • Spooky Attire
  • Historically Accurate Accounts

Currently the Highest Rated San Antonio Ghost Tour on Most Major Review Sites!

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Call for reservations - 805 757 0512.  We are open 7 days a week.

Share some Spirits with the Spirits along San Antonio's only Haunted Pub Crawl! Discover four of downtown's infamously haunted watering holes enjoying drink specials and tales of their unique history and ghastly apperitions along the way!

San Antonio's Most Haunted Location and listed as one of the Top Ten Most Haunted places in the great state of Texas. The Black Swan has been home to Battles, Massacres, Murder Suicides, and  Native American Rituals, Spirits from all of these events remain!

Visit the notorious locations of historic Murders, Battles, and otherwise Untimely Deaths as we journey into the past and regale you with our great city's unique and gruesome history, and the many hauntings that resulted from it!

Home of San Antonio's only Haunted Pub Crawl!